Next phase of work now under way (Sep '22 - Mar '23)  - see this post 🚀

For our March '22 1.0 release, see this post and 1 min video below 🎬

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Participating organisations

noslegal is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. But some law firms and technology companies are supporting our work by providing financial sponsorship, actively participating or both. The image below shows examples of who's involved as at November 2022.

in a nutshell

  • we're developing simpler, more usable, more beneficial ways to classify legal work and related topics 

  • this isn't a legal research project - our focus is on use cases such as managing and reporting on legal work, and knowledge and experience relating to it

  • on 31 March 2022, we published v1.0 of a taxonomy - you can read about it in this LinkedIn post and download the taxonomy and its release notes from Github

  • it's permissive open source- meaning that you can copy, use, remix, and redistribute however you wish, without payment, hidden costs or traps

  • we will now extending that initial work (watch this space!)

  • we are also considering other law-related projects of public benefit, to be conducted on an open source basis

  • feedback, expressions of interest in our work, ideas for projects, are very welcome - contact us through this website

read all about it

we've written some articles to introduce why we're doing this, what we've done and where we're going

want to find out more, or to become involved?


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